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Love, love, love!!

I purchased the deluxe diy lash vault that came with EVERYTHING. I got the Anime in a D curl. I will honestly say that I've tried A LOT of different clusters and bonds from other brands and I do like Vlume! The lashes easily lasted 6 days, I used the xtender twice in between the 6 days. The clusters themselves are soo soft! The D curl is VERY curly so I have ordered again but in a C curl. I have nothing bad to say about Vlume I think they've got me! I will be purchasing from them again and again and again. I love how they sent out a code for a discount in my future purchase, thank you! And the packaging is ADORABLE! I wish I would've taken a better picture because my glasses kind of get in the way but this is the only one I've got since I don't really take pictures, anyway you can still kind of see them.

Absolutely amazing

My favorite are the c-curly classic and the are so beautiful and lightweight.


I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear these because they look like lash extensions. The 3D quality is like real life lash extensions! I wear glasses and I think this length is perfect! Definitely get these if you don’t want to be paying for expensive lash extensions and fills every 2 weeks.

Amazed, you’re never going back to lash extensions!

I honestly love this product I have used other lash clusters, but they look so odd and bulky and none of them looks like real last extensions. I had extensions for a good two years but it got so expensive so I just had to look for alternative options! I have tried a lot of different lash clusters and let me tell you this is the best! This gives you the lash extension look everybody wants for half of the price! I would totally recommend 10/10 here is my lash map if anyone’s interested 1616141414141212101088, I got the Luxe 2.0/ D curl

Holy grail combo!

This overnight extender is THE BEST I’ve ever used. I’ve tried around 5 different extender seals, and this one take the cake. My lash sets last around 6-8 days when using this and the extra lock mascara glue. Definitely a necessity when purchasing from VLume.

The ONLY Bond and Seal I will ever use!

I’ve tried other bond and seal for cluster lashes and I noticed the Seal wand has that rounded tip on the end of the SEAL wand. That’s what made me buy it. Now that I’ve tried it I’M IN LOVE! It’s so convenient and easy to use. I will never use any other bond and seal for my cluster lashes again. Love it! Highly recommend! Just get it NOW! It’s so worth it.

LUXE 2.0
I’m in LOVE

I’ve tried several different types of cluster lashes and these are my favorite! So beautiful! You can make your lash look simple and casual, or go full volume sex kitten with this set of luscious lashes. Highly recommend!

LUXE 2.0
Brenda T.

Love these clusters. New lighter texture makes them feel like they are not even there. Easy to apply and lasted 5 days! Love love love

I love these and this company 🩷

I’m so happy I found Vlume on tik tok
I get so many compliments I just love them!
If you want me to do a post I will 1000% just let me know


i’ve been getting my lashes done for 3 years, and i couldn’t afford it anymore so i decided to try vlume out!! they’re super easy to apply, though a bit more difficult for my round eye shape. they look just like my extensions! they were a lil uncomfortable at first but once i got a hang of the application it was much easier. they only last me like 2-4 days so far, so maybe i have a bit more to master- but i have no complaints! they are so cute and i’ll definitely be purchasing again


I always struggled with putting strip lashes on so I just stopped wearing them altogether. I wanted to try something new and just put them on. It was so easy and they look so good. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to use them in the future

I will ALWAYS keep buying from you !

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my lashes every time . I will continue to purchase your clusters and bond&seal ! It always give what’s supposed to be gave !!!

Lash & seal on point

Love this product & a little goes a long way, wish it came in clear but this sticks really good

Super easy and cute!

Easy to put on, lasts a few days. Only thing is when I cry they come right off :(

Thank you so much for the feedback Kate! Already working on the lashes to improve this :) Re-sealing + re-locking lashes together can also help with this. Thanks again <3

LUXE 2.0
Cherie T.
Amazing producr

These lashes are amazing, love the way it feels it’s light weight. Definitely recommend buying

Steffianna S.
They’re pretty!

I really liked the way that they looked I definitely need more practice applying, but other than that they looked like extensions!

So good

Absolutely loved this style and set ! I’m only on my second set and they last me 7 days , I don’t get them wet for 48 hours and have had no issues with them I love them 🫶🏼

Amazing bundle

Everything is on point! Love them, only thing is when your sweating too much the bond and seal loosens your lashes


I love the lashes and the process! It took literally 10 minutes on each eye and I was done! The packaging was nice and the thank you card was very sweet!

LUXE 2.0
THE BEST LASHED EVER. Better than a lash tech.

I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I got the LUXE style, and when I tell you baby it slays….the picture doesn’t do it justice.

You look sooo good Elara!! Our LUXE style is getting a mini upgrade to be more durable against water can't wait for you to tryy ♡


I’ve used so many time each time I apply it last me a week sometimes even two if I’m careful washing around the eyes and the serum remover is amazing again don’t be hesitant to buy I love this so much and it dosent damage you natural lashes

Literally amazing !!

I have been on the hunt for some good quality clusters and these went above and beyond ! Seriously add them to your cart. The clusters are beautiful , the lash bond and seal is the best !! And the remover ?? Amazing !! I cannot get over how amazing this bundle and everything in general is . JUST BUY IT SERIOUSLY

Jo A.R.
Love them!!!

These lashes are so easy to apply. They last for days at a time plus they’re super soft. These are now my go to lashes, I absolutely love them. No more hours and money wasted on eye lash extensions.


It was everything you needed. Great price! Would definitely suggest this kit to my friends.

I really enjoy this lash bond. I have been actively searching for a good brand that isn’t drying or overly sticky where after one use it’s all gunked up. One thing I loveee is the seal side ends applicator tip! It is much diff than any I have seen that normally have a mascara wand type this is just that but with a little ball type thing and it helps a lot! I’ve tried every Amazon “as seen on” products and the Falscara is what I started with but they make my lashes crusty and crunchy no matter what I do. So I’m very satisfied with VLUME bond and seal. The delivery was fast as I ordered right from the website, customer service A++! Look fwd to repurchasing 💯😎